Health and Safety

Health and Safety Rigging truss

Keeping you compliant and your guests safe

It’s fair to say that event organisers have reams of legislation and regulations to abide by. And rightly so, actually. After all, the layout of a conference could be the difference between delegates who safely make their way out should a fire start, or not. It might mean that festival goers enjoy a safe evening without any area overcrowding, or not.

When it comes to our solutions – whether the hire of a single item or complete event production – we appreciate the gravity of keeping people safe.

Meticulous about safety tests and certifications

All our equipment is rigorously tested and checked before every hire. Our team inspect it before every event, as well as upon its return. And it goes without saying that our kit also undergoes regular PAT testing and safety certifications.

The venue – central to safe event planning

Every building brings its own unique advantages and health and safety challenges. When providing full event production, we always visit the venue in person well ahead of time, which ensures nothing is overlooked come the day to deliver an event that’s as safe as possible.

We are covered by extensive health and safety documentation, insurance and equipment testing, if you have any questions – please get in touch.