3D Drawings and Visualisations

Bringing your vision to life before the big day or night.

Sometimes our clients need more than a detailed breakdown of Audio Visual equipment and several conversations about how our production services will look and sound. This is especially the case where our client has little to limited knowledge about event production. We pride ourselves on speaking in plain english, not baffling clients with technical jargon, but nothing works better than a visual.

For these clients our detailed 3D drawings and visualisations transform that kit list into something altogether more helpful – a concrete design that allows them to see what their event will look like from the earliest of planning stages.

Developing an inspirational event using 3D Visualisations

Using advanced rendering software and with a team of in-house designers we can shape and create visuals that range from the staging to the complete design of sets, layouts and props.

Beyond the aesthetics of an event, this also delivers a whole host of practical advantages. We could work and re-work a seating plan, ensuring that all guests are seated comfortably and traffic can flow freely around the room. We can ensure that health and safety meets the right standards, or guarantee that each and every delegate will have a clear line of vision for that all-important keynote speaker. These are but a few examples of all that 3D event design and visuals can provide.

Get the green light for moving ahead

Sometimes an event has numerous levels of stakeholders – all of whom must sign off on the ideas and direction of the event. For these events this service gives everyone a deeper understanding of what, exactly, we have in mind.

This service is also regularly used when we work with other event agencies on a white label basis – for whom 3D designs prove especially useful (some of our event partners provide this service as standard when delivering events).