Hybrid & Live Streaming

Live & Virtual: Bringing Hybrid Events to Life!

Hybrid events offer the exciting opportunity of blending the best of live events and virtual events – mixing the two gives exciting opportunities.

Hybrid events now give clients the choice of hosting the event from a venue, your offices, our studio (located near Milton Keynes at our warehouse) or another prominent location.

Combining a mixture of a live audience, and others watching from home means that delegates do not need to travel long distances to attend an event, and with venues set to have limited capacity for the foreseeable future – hosting a hybrid event is set to be the preferred approach in the future.

Live events are the clear choice for audience engagement – allowing for presenters (one or multiple) who can interact with their audience with moderated questions, polling, multiple-choice questions, word clouds and quizzes, all using seamlessly integrated software.

We’re here to take your event online; bringing the virtual audience into the room, and the live event to life on a virtual platform. Every delegate is important – and we make sure everyone has a great guest experience.

Whether it be a graduation, a corporate financial update, town hall meeting, internal conference, medical forum or an awards – hybrid events offers huge possibilities.

We’re here to ensure it is a success; we’ll support you throughout and ensure it goes smoothly. No cats walking across screen, muted microphones, inappropriate backgrounds or other common issues. Our production support allows you to focus on delivering your message effectively to your audience.

For us, delivering your message effectively, with variety and clearly is key – to keep your audience engaged and ensure the delegates who cannot attend in person get the same result as the live audience. We can bring it to life with engagement (popular platforms like Slido) can be integrated allowing interaction with both the live and virtual audience.

Impressive tech aside, it’s fair to say that producing a live event comes with many challenges – the most significant being the lack of control over your audience, their environment and the hardware they’ll use to view your event. These elements must be carefully considered if your live stream is to be enjoyed by all. This hurdle is followed closely by the challenge of working with the presenter’s connection, camera, lighting, microphone and acoustics – a challenge that is multiplied the more presenters that are involved.

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, we’ve countered every problem and predict every glitch (truth be known, turning on a dime and resolving issues in real-time should be something that every production company can provide).

We thoroughly prep presenters and get to know all about the technology that both they and their audience will use. We do a practice run (or three), and we set up talk back to communicate discreetly with presenters in real-time should problems arise. So you see, we’ve thought of it all, when it comes to live virtual events that run without

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