Video and Projection

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If you need a bold way to showcase information or video footage at your event – this is the place to start.

We stock the latest laser projectors and up to 98″ UHD Screens to make sure you will not be missed.

We have everything you need to make your event visually impactful, from pull up projector screens and wireless clickers to 30ft inflatable screens.

Get in touch for a quote or for advice on how to captivate your audience!

Samsung QM98F 98″ 4K UHD LED Screen
£1150 /day £2300 /week
Panasonic PT-RZ120 12.5K Laser HD Projector
£1100 /day £2750 /week
Samsung 75″ 4K LED Screen (QM75R)
Samsung 75″ HD LED Screen (DM75E)
AnalogWay Pulse 2 PLS350-3G Switcher & Preview Rack
£300 /day £750 /week
High Spec Production Computer Rack (i9 / RTX4000 / 64GB RAM)
£450 /day £900 /week
Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme Video Switcher
Blackmagic ATEM Mini PRO Video Switcher
Blackmagic ATEM Mini Video Switcher
Panasonic MZ-770 8K HD Laser Projector
£500 /day £1250 /week
Apple Macbook Pro High Spec Show Laptop
Optoma ZH406ST 4.4K HD Laser Short Throw Projector
£150 /day £375 /week
Optoma EX610ST Short Throw Projector
£100 /day £250 /week
Lenovo i7 Win10 PC Show Laptop
Microcue3 Wireless Presentation Slide Clicker
Microcue2 Wireless Presentation Slide Clicker
Extron 1:8 DVI Distribution Amplifier
Monoblox 13’8″ x 8’2″ (16:9) Projector Screen
Kramer 1:4 DVI Distribution Amplifier
Monoblox 10’8″ x 6′ (16:9) Projector Screen
Monoblox 8‘9“ x 4‘11“ (16:9) Projector Screen
Kramer 1:2 DVI Distribution Amplifier
Samsung 65″ HD LED Screen
Samsung 55″ 4K LED Screen (QM55R)
6FT Pull Up Projector Screen – (16:9)
Lightware HD DVI over CAT7 Extender Kit
Kramer 1:4 VGA Distribution Amplifier
Playback Pro Dongle
Logitech R400 Wireless Presentation Clicker
Sumvision Cyclone Micro 4
Samsung 40″ HD LED Screen
AOC 27E1H 27″ Full HD IPS Monitor
£40 /day £80 /week
Samsung 24″ HD LED Screen
LobbySign Slim32
Mediascreen SL75 Screen Stand
Unicol Parabella Stand
Unicol Parabella Glass Shelf
10M x 5.6M Inflatable Projector Screen