Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2

Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2 Hire

The Smoke Factory Tour Hazer 2 is an extremely quiet and efficient water-based hazer. After a quick heat up time of only 60 seconds, the hazer will fill the air with a fine haze. Perfect for highlighting beams of light and adding atmosphere to your event.

Thanks to the high quality water-based Hazer fluid you do not need to worry about residue on stage or in other equipment.

The hazer can be placed in a variety of orientations, and the haze output can be directed with an adjustable flap.

Control options include, manual control on the hazers control panel, using the supplied remote control, or via DMX with a lighting console.

This Hazer looks great when paired with any of our moving lights: Axcor BeamAxcor Spot or our Rogue R2.


  • Great for beam effects & moving.light shows
  • DMX control
  • Haze and fan adjustable
  • Processor technology
  • Sturdy flight case with slot for 5 litre canister
  • Fine designer haze
  • Heat up time ~60 seconds
  • Supplied with 5 litre of haze fluid
  • Compatible fluid – Smoke Factory Tour Hazer Fog Hazefluid – No other fluids to be used


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