LED Bubble Chair

LED Bubble Chair Hire

Our LED Bubble Tub Chairs are a large tub style chair – suited perfectly with our champagne tables, cubes and curved benches to complete the look! We regularly use them for corporate and private events to great effect.

Every chair is fully waterproof, meaning it is ideally suited for outdoor use. We find they are very popular for outdoor seating areas at events in the summer.

We supply each chair fully charged, which will give you a run time of 8-10 hours, if you use the provided power supply the cube can run indefinately!

They are remote controlled and can be set to one of 16 colours, or set to fade between a range of colours. They are easily operated and installed and can be either hired or delivered and installed.

Our chairs are supplied from our Bedford unit, and we are happy to demonstrate the units to you at your convenience. We often hire the LED Furniture as part of a larger event solution or to venues on short and long term hires.

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