Clay Paky Axcor Beam 300

Clay Paky Axcor Beam 300 Lighting Hire

The Axcor Beam 300 has 17 gobos and a beam angle as small as 2°. The wealth and quality of its colours and aerial effects, its electronic focus and its 140 mm diameter front lens make the Beam 300 the ideal beam moving light in any application area.

It boasts cutting- edge electronic and software technology, with all the features that enable optimal fixture management and maintenance over time.With a price-point, physical size and power consumption that disguise its strength and creative potential, the Axcor Beam 300 enables a new world of expression in touring, events, TV, theatre and installed lighting markets.

Looking for a spot effect? Check out our Axcor Spot 300.

Flightcased in pairs.


  • Source: 110W White LED engine (7600 K)
  • Ø 140mm front lens
  • Beam aperture: 2°
  • Motorised focus lens
  • One color wheel with 14 Colors
  • One gobo wheel with 17 Gobos
  • Rotating 8-facet Prism
  • 16-bit Electronic Dimmer with 4 curves
  • Electronic strobe@24 f/sec
  • Extremely compact and lightweight

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