LED Video Wall Hire

Show, tell and be seen. By Everyone. For corporate events decoration, exhibitions, and launches.

XXL your visuals and make every seat in the house, the best seat

When you’re putting on a show that will be attended by a sizeable amount of delegates, creating the right layout is always going to be a challenge. Central to this testing task is to ensure everyone can get a good view of your speaker, as well as any products or digital content you want to display.

An LED video wall can be a game-changer in the right environment. With fluid motion and rich colours, this clever piece of kit effortlessly surpasses the performance of projector technology (which looks positively washed out in comparison).

As more and more events opt to go LED, the cost of video wall rental continues to fall. Packing in high brightness our video wall takes it up ten notches for bright and bold visuals. And thanks to the wide viewing angle, these walls will be seen by everyone in the room.

Bespoke LED solutions for your unique needs

Our team can create a custom solution around your event and your audience – like designing a custom size wall or building around a bespoke staging structure.

Our professional video wall can be installed in a straight line, in addition to convex or concave curves. Our team can also change the angle, allowing for multiple curves in the same screen, as well as adding 90-degreee corner panels which keep the visuals smooth, no matter how many twists and turns there may be in your staging set-up.

Your content – At the centre of it all

Beyond the impressive specs of our LED video wall technology is the content that it can smoothly display.

We work alongside you to ensure that your content is crisp and ready for the world. We could offer the odd bit of advice, or provide a full service from concept to design.

And if you still prefer to work with tried and trusted PowerPoint, we can help there too. We could even take your PPT file and add custom backgrounds and effects – for a slick presentation, and predictable functionality.

LED video wall hire – The matter of money

The pricing of our LED video wall hire depends on a variety of options – the most influential of which is how large a screen you need. Talk with our team and we can put together a bespoke quotation for you.