LED Furniture Hire

Let your event shine

“Wow”, in a word. That’s what you’re looking for from your guests as they step through the doors.

Our LED Furniture stock can create a complete scene – marking out the way to refreshments, beautifully, with a breath-taking circular bar or inviting guests to take a seat on a versatile LED cube.

Set the scene

With the soft glow of LED furniture

LED furniture is highly versatile and ideal for many events, from birthday celebrations under the star-lit sky to corporate functions at a UK conference centre.

Create colourful contrasts or a dreamy tonal scene of blues and whites, pinks, purples and lilacs. Take your pick from a wide range of glimmering, glowing products – these being our stunning Circular LED Bar, versatile LED Cubes, the elegant LED Poseur Table, Ice Bucket and LED Sphere.

Versatile, clean and ready for putting in the perfect position

All our LED furniture is delivered after being fully tested (both for safety and performance), and is provided with a full charge and a battery life of between 8 to 12 hours– staying bright all night long.

The tough material of our LED furniture is completely waterproof – making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. This same material is also what allows us to customise the look of this furniture with bespoke, fully branded printed vinyl. As a final, critical plus point, this plastic makes our LED furniture easy to maintain and clean. The latter which we do after and before every event – cleaning them from top-to-bottom.

LED Poseur Table Hire

One of the most recent additions to our LED Furniture stock, our LED Poseur Tables are inconstant demand.

A simple way to add style and a touch of colour to your event décor, our LED Poseur Tables are especially popular for Weddings, Parties and Corporate Events.

Place next to the bar or dance floor as a convenient yet ambient alternative to plain-old tables.

As with all our LED Furniture pieces, these tables have been made from the toughest wearing of materials, making them ready for what can be a busy night.

Our LED Poseur tables are battery powered and can run for up to 6 hours (so you can forget about the time-consuming process of having to tape over wires that trail across the floor).

Being IP65 rated, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor events, while the handheld remote allows for a switch in colour schemes in mere seconds.

  • LED Poseur Table Hire
  • Control with Supplied Remote
  • Decorative & Illuminated
  • Waterproof & Battery Powered

LED Ice Bucket Hire

An ideal accessory for other LED Furniture or simply a subtle enhancer of a seating or bar area, our LED 4 Lip Ice Buckets add a little elegance to proceedings.

Robust, firm and translucent, these LED Ice Buckets are ready for an evening outdoors, while the battery life of between 9 and 12 hours provide all-night illumination without ugly, problematic cables.

Combine these LED Ice Buckets with other LED Furniture for an especially impressive effect (they make for a particularly perfect team with our LED Poseur Tables or LED Bar).

Our LED Ice Buckets are controlled by a handheld remote; choose any one of 16 colours, as well as a range of fades, chases and other effects.

  • LED Ice Bucket Hire
  • Control with Supplied Remote
  • 4 Lip LED Ice Bucket
  • Waterproof & Battery Powered

LED Sphere Hire

Our most popular product among our LED range, LED spheres are an easy and affordable way to create that certain  ‘je ne s’ais quoi’. They can be used indoors & outdoors and can be placed almost anywhere- highlight walkways, key areas of your event or place them on each table for a soft glow.

Your LED spheres will arrive fully charged, allowing them to run for 9 hours without the need for wires (and the associated trip hazards!).

Operation is all done via a simple remote control, which you’ll use to control the colours or set the spheres to rainbow fade.

Place them at the centre of a table, light up a corridor or add an otherworldly effect to your outdoor decor (they create a fabulous backdrop for those evening wedding shots).

  • LED Glowing Sphere Hire
  • Control with Supplied Remote
  • Decorative & Illuminated
  • Waterproof & Battery Powered
  • Waterproof LED Sphere Hire

LED Cube Hire

Arriving fully-charged, these cubes will put in between 10 and 12 hours of brightness or can run indefinitely when used with the power supply. Substantial in size and strong in material, these 40cm x 40cm x 40cm cubes work well as stools, chairs, small tables or simply when used to create vibrant contemporary decor.

Use the single remote control to run the cubes through each of 16 colours or set to a fading rainbow effect.

  • LED Cube Hire
  • Control with Supplied Remote
  • Decorative & Seating
  • Waterproof & Battery Powered

Circular LED Bar Hire

Create a place that isn’t just a drink destination, but that adds visual impact. Quickly installed and incredibly cost-effective, our Circular LED Bars are perfect for cocktail or bottle bars at both private and corporate events, as well as exhibitions.

Despite its size, this modular solution is actually battery powered and can be set to one of 16 colours, or can fade through a rainbow.

A full bar consists of 6 sections, however we find most clients opt for a semi-circle bar (3 sections). Each section of the circular LED bar is 1.5m in length and the full bar has a diameter of 3m (externally).

Easy to install and even easier to operate, you can choose to simply hire this product, or opt for our complete service of hire, delivery and collection.

These bars are ready-made for vinyl branding, which can display your logo or event artwork, while the backdrop can be set to your brand colour or colours.

  • LED Bar Hire
  • Branded LED Bar Hire
  • Modular Glowing Bar
  • Waterproof & Battery Powered

LED Furniture Hire – Deliver or Collect?

Our LED Furniture can be delivered direct to your event and set up according to your instructions. We always arrive in good time (we’re nothing if not punctual – we appreciate just how every minute counts when setting up an event). Alternatively, you can choose our dry hire option- collecting and returning your LED furniture to our Bedford unit.

Provided either on short- or long-term hire, our team will happily demo all our LED furniture so you can be sure you’re making the right choices for your event staging.

We are Bedford and Milton Keynes based, and provide our services regularly to a host of locations. We regularly work in Oxford, Cambridge, London, Northampton, Dunstable, Luton, Leicester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby and further afield like Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle to name a few.

Our LED Furniture is available for hire across England & the UK from our base in Bedford & Milton Keynes. We regularly provide it for events in London, Oxford, Cambridge, Luton, Northampton, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, Dunstable, Luton and further afield.

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