Virtual Studio Production for Client Town Hall Event

Virtual Studio Production for Client Town Hall Event

Red Occasions Provides Corporate Virtual Events

We often hear about how the global pandemic has impacted businesses on a customer relations level, with various government guidelines in place to protect both parties. However, something that is not as widely talked about is how the virus has affected internal business communications.

One of our agency clients working with a global supplier of medical devices and medical solutions, had a problem hosting their annual town hall event for its staff. The COVID regulations meant they couldn’t update their workforce on company targets/goals for the upcoming year in the usual way. Red Occasions was asked to help transition this town hall meeting into a virtual event.

How Red Occasions Create Virtual Events

Like most virtual events we began this project by creating a studio-like environment for the hosts of the town hall meeting. The professional on-screen environment is crucial for virtual events such as these, both in-terms of aesthetics and to portray the tone/personality of the occasion. Selecting the right equipment for the job is also imperative; this is something that is often fleshed out in the pre-production stages, to ensure everything is ready and on hand during the final live stream.

To bring this event to life we used a variety of audio/visual equipment. A multi-camera rig was enlisted to cover all angles of the studio alongside a polecam to keep our camera shots interesting, for viewers and attendees of the virtual event.

To ensure this project was in compliance with government guidelines our team was equipped with the necessary PPE to maintain a COVID-secure environment. Moreover, a fully operational comms system was also in place allowing the various on-location departments to communicate with one another effectively, whilst also limiting contact between crew members.

The Red Occasions Team

Creating a virtual event requires a versatile team of professionals. Our on-location team can vary depending on the type of event we are covering. For this specific project, our crew comprised:

  • Producer – oversees the event and ensures it runs smoothly. The Producer is the first point of call in the event of an issue, via the comms system.
  • Director – composes the event as it progresses, using vision mixing. This allows the director to view all camera inputs and pre-recorded VT packages before they’re shown live.
  • Stream Engineer – ensures that all technical aspects are in working order, this is a crucial role as live streams require enormous amounts of hardware to produce.
  • Audio Engineer – ensures that the sound is crystal clear, whatever the source for it.
  • Camera Operators – position and angle camera shots, in collaboration with the director these can change several times as new presenters and hosts are introduced.

Could a Virtual Event Facilitate Your Business Comms?

A virtual event provides certainty in an uncertain world. Businesses can be sure that corporate events can continue, despite external restrictions. Red Occasions can help to create continuity by reproducing the more traditional aspects of previous in-person events. Our client was delighted with what we were able to achieve with this town hall event. We look forward to helping others achieve the same results in the future.

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