Virtual Event Production Northampton

Red Occasions Provides Virtual Graduation Services for the University of Northampton

In a year that closed down all in-person events across the UK, the global pandemic hasn’t stopped us celebrating, sharing research, networking or being creative. Just a matter of weeks after the first lockdown was announced, Red Occasions started getting calls from clients enquiring about virtual event production. Since then it’s been pretty intense, and we’ve had to add virtual event studios to our facilities to meet the demand.

Over the year we’ve created virtual conferences, webinars, award ceremonies, and zoom meetings that go with a zing. In this blog we take a look at the virtual graduations we delivered for the University of Northampton earlier this year.

Case Study – Virtual Graduation for University of Northampton

Graduation is the culmination of years of intense study and the ceremony has become a rite of passage for students. It’s not just about acknowledging results; a university graduation honours students’ families, welcomes high profile alumni, and provides numerous opportunities to record and celebrate the event.

Physical graduation ceremonies have been on hold for the past year, but the University of Northampton decided to rise to the challenge and hold a virtual graduation event for their 3,000 graduands. They asked the Red Occasions team to provide end-to-end virtual event production services including video and graphic creation. We were delighted to take on the project for them, with the aim of creating an unforgettable day for graduates and their families.

Planning the Virtual Graduation Event

Red Occasions worked with four different Northampton faculties, each of whom were to have their own graduation ceremony featuring speeches from the Vice-Chancellor/Chancellor, recipients of honorary degrees, and notable ex-students. Most important, whilst students couldn’t do the ‘walk across the stage’ they were still to be individually recognised for their achievements.

The Red Occasions production team took responsibility for onboarding all the presenters, and rehearsing each of the ceremonies to ensure they went off without a hitch on the ‘big day’.

Video and Graphics for Event Production in Northampton

Our partner platform, Graduations.Live helps to recreate the graduation event by providing a set of resources that replace the group photos, collection of certificates, and mortar-board flinging that make the day memorable. The Red Occasions video and graphics were fed into their platform so that everyone could feel individually involved in the event as it unfolded.

One of the biggest challenges when creating an inclusive event is ensuring that participants feel everything is happening in the same space. We achieve this through seamless standardisation of lighting, sound and audio quality across all the different inputs. The branded graphics also helps to provide internal coherence, as does the University of Northampton logo which is featured throughout.

Working With Red Occasions Event Production in Northampton

We’re not new to the world of Higher Education. Red Occasions has been providing a range of audio visual services to the university sector for over a decade now. We know that live streaming and virtual events can’t take the place of their physical counterpart, but we can create an engaging, memorable alternative, marked by technical excellence and precision.

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