Astera Titan, AX1 & AX3 Lighting Fixtures

Astera Titan, AX1 & AX3 Lighting Fixtures, Now Ready for Hire!

After a surge in demand for high-powered, battery-operated event lighting systems, Red Occasions has just made a large investment in a huge amount of Astera equipment – now ready for hire.
After evaluating the benefits to our clients and events, we’ve made a £50k investment into a range of Astera Titan, AX1 & AX3 fixtures.

Astera is a German-based manufacturer of specialist event lighting. Lighting up films, events, venues and outdoor setups since the mid-2000s, they’re known throughout the hire industry for battery-powered, remote-controlled, IP-rated LED lights – each of which bring 20 + hours of battery life to the table.

Handpicked from Astera’s innovative product line-up, our £50K investment is formed from battery-powered, IP rated lighting fixtures, transmitters and iPad control devices. In a variety of fixtures, we’ve got a large stock to support a range of events.


Used for everything from music festivals to film sets, AX1 Pixel Tube Lighting can illuminate features or people, or can create an indirect lighting effect for 20, whole, hours. We’ve got 48 in stock, ready for hire.


Used by many global filmmakers and TV studios, Pixel Tube Lighting gives off a bright light that switches through a rainbow of colours.

Suited for use both indoors and out, and with settings that can make either the entire tube light up or just a few select pixels, Pixel Tube Lighting hands event organisers plenty of lighting-effect possibilities. We’ve got 32 in stock, ready for hire.


Compact, high range, bright and offering a 20 hour battery life, the AX3 LightDrop provides for plentiful event lighting options – like uplighting or hanging, being placed within translucent objects or being used as spotlights. We’ve got 64 of these ready for hire!


We’ve also brought a number of ART7 and control iPads. The AsteraBox CRMX acts as the interface between Astera event lighting and the controllers – linking the system up and smoothing out communication between each component. And like all the tech we’ve invested in, the ART7 is battery-powered for fast, easy set-up.

All of the above becomes so much more powerful when teamed up with 4G iPad Air controllers, which allow event organisers to tap into the full range of Astera possibilities as well as speeding up deployment.

Along with our new Astera kit and Apple iPad Airs, we’ve also invested in a host of accessories and rigging items – all available on a dry-hire basis to our trade clients, or as part of a larger production – on flexible terms.

All Astera hire items are flightcased and ready to go – direct from our warehouse or delivered to site. As with all our hire items, we test, restest, clean and charge prior to our event tech leaving our warehouse.

Ready to hear all about what Astera event lighting could do for your big day or night (spoiler: it’s going to be bright and beautiful). Talk to our team on 01234 430 368 or send us a message via