Production Support for the Open University TEDx

We were tasked by long term clients The Open University to completely transform their university lecture theatre for a long awaited TEDx event. The lecture hall was a traditional older style space and required a touch of imagination to create a truly inspiring space.

What is a TEDx event?

You may have heard of TED talks before, but if you haven’t, here’s a little insight into these world famous talks.

TED is a non-profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas, which are usually presented in the form of short, powerful talks (often 18 minutes or less). Established in 1984, TED began covering talks based on Technology, Entertainment and Design – however today’s TED talks cover almost all topics, from science and business, to global issues.

To provide an impression on just how highly regarded these talks are – they are now held in more than 100 languages! Meanwhile, independently run TEDx events help share ideas in communities around the world.

This event at The Open University was a first for Milton Keynes and for the university. It was crucial to make it a huge success and we were only too happy to help!

How did we transform the lecture theatre?

Working within the budget set by The Open University, we set about transforming the traditional university lecture theatre into an impressive space, with the hope to inspire attendees.

Starting with the back of the stage, we installed a fully printed and wrapped set, which angled inwards, focussing the attention and drawing the eyes of the audience to the middle of the stage. To ensure it was impactful, we incorporated a range of lighting to illuminate the backdrop.

The stage itself was completely carpeted with black carpet, whilst the front was wrapped with black vinyl with the addition of custom branding to set the scene. In addition to this, the venue lectern was in a fixed position, so we ensured that this was also wrapped and branded. To add a little colour and vibrancy to the stage we used our LED cube seating  to work with the event theme.

We complemented the existing venue AV by adding twin 75” screens on the balcony so presenters could see a comfort monitor and timer, which counted down to each session – as TEDx events notoriously run on a tight schedule!

Outside the Lecture Theatre

We were asked to create an additional viewing area outside the lecture theatre for guests who could not be accommodated inside. For this we installed one of our 98” screens  on stands with a PA system to relay from an HD camera inside the hall. Our team managed the setup to ensure it ran smoothly.

The Open University also wanted a large branded wall to serve as a photo wall in the foyer outside the lecture theatre. For this we installed a 10ft x 10ft wrapped set, complete with lighting – ready for photo opportunities. The final touch was 24 AX1 Pixel Tubes to add atmosphere, effect and interest to the foyer.

We were thrilled to receive amazing feedback from the client and it was a real pleasure to support this event.

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